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Do you typically wake up with a sore jaw, a toothache, or a mild headache? You could be suffering from teeth grinding, or bruxism.


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Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding

It’s everyone’s wish to have beautiful and healthy teeth for a lifetime. For the majority of people, maintaining healthy teeth takes a lot of work. There is the constant brushing, flossing and periodical dental visits every six months. Even if the tooth enamel is stronger than the bone, teeth still need ample protection from wear and tear. That is why most dentists will recommend mouth guards for patients who are active in sports or those who grind their teeth at night.

Other than providing protection for the gums, mouth and teeth, mouth guards have been known to improve performance by decreasing the stress levels in the body. Even though store mouth guards could be cheaper, Maestro Smiles custom-made mouth guards are more appropriate because they’re crafted from high-quality suppliers and are meant to last longer without compromising performance.

There’s no better way to get stable and natural looking replacement teeth than with dental implants. We offer a full range of dental implant services using cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive techniques.

Our team of experienced dentists employs 3D X-rays and computer-aided treatment to ensure that you receive a top-quality, efficient, and minimally invasive implant procedure. We are also committed to making sure that you are as comfortable as possible during the process.

Types of Mouth Guards

A dentist that ask about your sleeping habits is concerned that the enamel could be undergoing wear and tear. There is a possibility that the fillings and the teeth could be cracking or chipping. This is usually an indication that you grind your teeth at night. Other signs would be waking up with a mild headache, sore jaws.

Grinding of teeth, also known as bruxism, can be caused by sleeping disorders, stress, acid reflux, a misaligned bite, or the side effects of medication. Drinking alcohol or smoking also increases the chances of grinding the teeth while you’re asleep.

It is crucial to determine the cause so that the right treatment is administered. Long-term grinding could have an adverse effect by eventually wearing the enamel completely. This will put you at risk for tooth decay and sensitivity because of the exposed dentin.

Other than broken fillings and repairs, the dentist could recommend wearing a custom-fitted mouth guard if you’re constantly clenching or grinding your teeth. The night guard will separate your teeth and act as the barrier which will prevent further damages that might come about because of wear and tear.

Contact Us Today for Your Night Guard

If you typically experience bruxism symptoms when you wake up, visit us today for an examination. Our dental professionals will determine if you have a problem with teeth grinding. Then, we will provide you with a night guard that addresses your specific needs.


Mouth Guards for TMJ

You could be having TMJ problems if you’re experiencing discomfort when trying to open your mouth or move your jaw when trying to chew. The problem can stem from jaw injuries, misaligned teeth, arthritis, and muscle tension. At Maestro Smiles, we make sure that we get to the bottom of the problem so that we recommend the best custom-made mouth guard. There are some severe cases where the mouth guard might need to be worn during the day to help in relaxing the muscles.


Mouth Guard for Sports

Protecting your teeth from injury during sports is crucial. Most mouth-related when engaging in the sporting activity will involve a chipped or a broken tooth. A fractured tooth has the potential of cutting through to the tissues in the mouth which can hazardous. A child that wear braces is also susceptible to soft tissue injuries. Most  mouth guards that are sold in stores are designed to protect the upper tooth. That is why you should contact Maestro Smiles for a custom solution to make sporting much safer.